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Quoth the Server, "404"

Hey, *I* thought it was funny.



December 19th, 2012


Religion doesn't prevent tragedies from occurring. For the record, Tony Lanza lived with his religious family who presumably went to church every Sunday, even after Tony graduated from a religious middle school. Tony's religious parents divorced in 2009.

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Frankly, Dobson's survivalist mentality (that the public sector can't do anything right) is the same mentality that leads people like Nancy Lanza to keep guns at home and practice using them at shooting ranges because they distrust society.

In my opinion all the evidence in the articles above suggests that Nancy was an unemployed person who distrusted society and complained about her generous ex-husband, and she either kept assault weapons at home or was unaware that her own son obtained them. Her divorce was amicable, even going into such detail as to split pairs of Red Sox tickets. She passed 6 hours of parenting training.

Perhaps the court made an error in judgment (maybe more parental training or supervision could have prevented this, and/or maybe this arrangement didn't account for Tony's autistic needs).

February 24th, 2011

What is Toronto?

Let me precede this post by expressing that I am speaking from human experience and not from formal expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP) which I lack.

IBM and author Stephen Baker make the claim that Jeopardy! is full of wordplay and that there is little correlation between the category name and each clue's question. I assert that more often than not, it's clear to a human what type of question (person, place, thing, or other part of speech) each clue is looking for.

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December 21st, 2010



From The Goto of the Underground:

January 24th, 2010


One co-worker cajoled, "[Compared to women,] All men have some degree of color-blindness." In seriousness, the following articles looked interesting (click for stories):

So why not cut out the middleman?  Prop 8 Trial Today Called 'Explosive' as Efforts by Mormon Church to Hide Involvement are Revealed

December 26th, 2009

Go West

Just in case you missed it...

Village People threaten lawsuit over Jamie Oliver advert

October 15th, 2009

Ron Paul-itics

I'll condense all of my Ron Paul clips into a single post, from most recent to least recent:

Ron Paul on Freedom, January 11 2008Collapse )

Politics vs. Paulitics, January 11 2008Collapse )

Ron Paul on Monetary Policy, November 23 2007Collapse )

Senate Amendment 2566

During the Great Bailout, Congress amended the federal tax code and the President personally appointed a Bonus Czar to oversee CEO bonuses. More recently, Senator Al Franken introduced Senate Amendment 2566, which made me reflect on how our federal government was designed to work and how it is working right now.

Let's go back to Government 101. There are three branches of US federal government:
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The real effect this law will have is to make contracts less transparent so companies like Halliburton stay competitive with their competitors (who probably have nontransparent contracts and thus are eligible for federal funds).

It is the role of the Supreme Court, not Congress, to decide arguments about the meaning of laws (such as the Fourth Amendment), how they are applied, and whether they break the rules of the Constitution.

February 7th, 2009


July 27th, 2008

Latin word of the day

  • Noster, nostra, nostrum (adj.): our
  • Pater, patris (n.): father
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Verbum Caro, Panem VerumCollapse )
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Nota bene: this one should hopefully be reposted every day; your comments might be read by others! :-)

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